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Currently I have released two titles on CD. Click on the covers to see a larger image.

Samples from each song are available to preview... click the format that works best with your computer.


I Stand in Awe

...a collection of
spiritual songs...

(front cover)

(back cover)

Also here's some background information about cut #7
"How Does He Know?"

  1. I Have Come to Sing to the Lord
  2. I Believe
  3. On My Knees Again
  4. I Stand In Awe
  5. I Will Fight For You
  6. Here Am I, Lord
  7. How Does He Know?
  8. Ordinary Days
  9. Carry You With Me
  10. Sacred Space
  11. Better Hands
  12. Jesus, Would You Hold Me For Awhile?
  13. No Accident
  14. You Can't Put the Lord in a Box
  15. Tell Them I Am



North, South, East West:
Where in the World Do You Want to Go Next?

...a geographical rap single.

1. North, South, East, West:

Where in the World Do You
Want to Go Next?





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